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Springhill est Mort, Vive l'Springhill!

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L’Atelier est Mort, Vive l'Atelier!
At The Event
, 4-8 November 2009, Birmingham

With a performance by Nina Beier at Grand Union, VIVID, Eastside Projects, and Mona Casey Projects.
Newsprint Posterbook including works by Nina Beier, David Blandy, Ruth Buchanan, Ellie Harrison, Kelly Mark, Nicholas Matranga, and Richard Peel


A work of art may pass many stages; conception, experimentation, discussion, production, marketing, transit, presentation, documentation, reproduction, critical analysis, sale, storage, positioning within art history, repetition, rediscovery. Any single work may take all or only one of these positions, in any sequence over time, without defining one perspective from which it is properly seen.

First Person Singular by Nina Beier operates on a simple instruction to gallery attendants: When alone in the exhibition space to sing all the songs he/she can think of that employ the word 'I'. By activating the passive player in the exhibition, yet keeping the activity private, the exhibition, when empty of visitors, transgresses from being idle in the mind of the absent viewer. As with the paradox of Schrödinger's cat, the viewer outside of the space can imagine a visitorless exhibition simultaneously as idle and as filled with the singing of the gallery attendant, while all the time unable to know if indeed there are no visitors in the space. Beier’s intervention, while starting with a simple instruction, creates a complex web of interconnecting questions as to where the work is produced, who the work is for, where it exists and where it is experienced.

L’Atelier est Mort, Vive l'Atelier! takes the proposition of the studio as the site of the artwork’s original context. The studio can be taken here as a metaphor, an ephemeral or multi-dimensional place far more difficult to define than a room with canvases and coffee cups, and equally hard to define as the work that takes place within it. This proposition has been embodied in a newsprint poster-book in which seven artists were commissioned to create a poster in response to the question ‘where is your work?’, while forty artists were asked the question ‘what is your studio?'


At 2pm on Sunday 8th Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, initiators of Springhill Institute, will give a talk at Grand Union about the project, and about ideas and issues about the indeterminate location of experience.

L’Atelier est Mort, Vive l'Atelier! poster-book is available for free during The Event. Design by Nina Støttrup Larsen and Ziga Testen.

Grand Union, Unit 19, Fazeley Ind. Estate, Fazeley St, Digbeth, Birmingham
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham
Mona Casey Projects, 119 Floodgate Street, Digbeth, Birmingham
VIVID, 140 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham
Times: 4-8 Nov, 12-5pm.

For more info visit >>www.karinkihlberg-reubenhenry.org