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The Discriminating Gentlemen's Club ~ Le Club Des Gentilhommes Avertis
In Residence 1-14 August 2006

Following the tradition of the Gentlemen’s Club, DGC ~ CGA have been operating over the past five years in a somewhat ironic ‘strict seclusion’, holding its events for a limited number of distinguished members. This has included the DGC ~ CGA Fox Hunt, commemorated in a video, premiering privately in their Grand Lodge and most recently shown again at its jubilee at Galerie Yergeau in Montréal. The club has been ‘opened up’ this summer for their first Annual Salon, set in the delightful setting of their newly refurbished Club House in Montréal, with participating artists being marked as "first among equals” with the honorific title of Suzerain of the Order of the Golden Squid.
Continuing in this vein, DGC ~ CGA’s projects at Springhill Institute during summer 2006 introduced their secret workings to the public of Birmingham. They flew five black kites in the parks and squares of the city, an activity which alludes to their darker side ­ reading too much Lovecraft: against the world, against life.
Complementing this allusion to the darker side of The Gentleman and of private clubs, they reconstructed the DGC ~ CGA Memorial Garden, commemorating the clubs ‘Long and Circulatory History’, with its flowers arranged to form the DGC ~ CGA crest: two penises ejaculating flames.
DGC ~ CGA's residency culminated in an initiation ritual on 11 August. However, we are unable to retell the endeavours of the club, as all present were permitted to sign a legally binding document prohibiting the distribution of any information regarding the occurrences of the evening.

The Gentlemen are pleased to announce that the City of Birmingham is now in proud possession of their largest black box kite. The artwork was donated under uncontrollable circumstances on Monday August 14th 2006. The work was temporarily on display at Edgbaston Reservoir on the east shore at the top one of the taller trees just after the parking lot.


Project supported by the Quebec Office, London.