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Peter Johansson / Barbro Westling
In Residence 16-26 July 2005

Peter Johansson's work revolves around stereotypes and myths of Swedish culture, and are often realized in large-scale architectural projects in collaboration with Nike Karlsson. For his project at Springhill Institute he collaborated with Theatre Critic Barbro Westling to create The Bergman Horror Show.

The Bergman Horror Show is a puppet theatre, built on the films and visuals of Ingmar Bergman, where the extravaganza of drama is built up through the very special means of the small scale. The puppet-theatre is a visual sculpture with drapery, puppets, sound-machines and different scenery, played with a synopsis that deals with the essentials of life from a particularly Swedish point-of-view.

The Swedish "Fingerspitz-gefühl" when it comes to psychological problems, anguish and death in arts is well documented, and king in this arena is of course Ingmar Bergman. He is an international icon of film and art film. But what can this theatrical auteur give an international art audience of today?