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Experimental lecture series
January - May 2003


The aim of the talks was to bring new discourse into contemporary art whilst serving soup encouraging an open and interactive discussion format.

David Miller


Stuart Tait, Artist, a performance in the format of an unplanned lecture
Reuben Henry, Artist, Inbreeding and elitism in art
Simon Webb, Artist and Critic, read his dreams from 1994

Ana Benlloch, Artist, a lecture by her inner geek, to do with Science Fiction, control and escapism.
Stuart Tait, Artist, an investigation into his previous unplanned lecture
Michael Grime, Artist, determined the course of his lecture by rolling the dice

Tom Gough, Mathematician, presented Set Theory to explain the concept of zero.
William Alexander, Artist, expressed extreme enthusiasm for machines.

Michelle Rochester, Artist, distorted the expected lecture format by forcing the audience to sing in harmonies with each other.
Jo Tremarco, Artist, self psychoanalysis alsoperformed by the audience.

John Rogers Artist, a brainstorm about boring art.
David Miller, Artist, intentionalism and his own theories on the perception of time.

Karin Kihlberg, Artist, unannounced cooking performances within the lecture hall. Through the duration of the lecture she baked and cooked in the aim with filling the space with an odor of cookies, soup and other food.