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Parallel Universes Meet at Infinity
An exhibition presenting the work made during the seven international artists residencies 2004-06


Of Black Kites Against Black Skies, video still, DGC~CGA 2005-06

Springhill Institute is the home and studio of artists Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry. Over the past three years they have hosted seven international artists residencies, where the invited artists lived and worked at Springhill Institute for two weeks to produce a new project.

This exhibition is a presentation of these works, some of which will be shown for the first time in the UK, like Christoph Draeger’s remake of the nightclub scene from Antonioni’s Blow Up (filmed at Springhill Institute in 2006), or The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club’s exploits, where the group flew giant black kites around Birmingham.

The residencies at Springhill have often been the starting point for larger projects, like Kalleinen and Kochta’s Complaints Choir of Birmingham, which has since continued in Helsinki, Hamburg and St Petersburg. These works are presented at Springhill Institute in the context of these developments.

The exhibition also presents the video work of Manuel Saiz, Per Hüttner, video documentation of Peter Johansson & Barbro Westling’s performance of The Bergman Horror Show, and Julia Montilla’s survey of paranormal activities in Birmingham.

For more information on all of the artists and the work presented in the show, see the Internatioanl Artists in Residence in archive

The title of the show, Parallel Universes Meet at Infinity, is taken from the work by the same name by Manuel Saiz. This show was part of The Event.


Sound Invite is created by Trancelvania, which is shaped by The Discriminating Gentlemen's Club in Montreal, Canada.