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Time & Breakfast
By Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry with David Miller
Private View: 17 August 2004 6-9am
Free Breakfast Served

Beyond the realms of content and form, Artists and Exhibitionists have been challenging the rules of the Art world in which they work for a century and more. They have been fighting against bureaucracy, hierarchy, and a million preset standards all as a way of expressing their artistic liberty. The Avant Garde, if it exists, has been struggling like Houdini from bindings fixed by the critical art establishment and a society obsessed by categorization in order to maintain it's status as a people thinking and acting without restriction. And while there is an inherent contradiction in fighting against intellectual and aesthetic rules from a position of uninhibition, they continue their struggle, acknowledged subconsciously that without such parameters, the notion of liberty does not exist. Hence, Artists have been battling against the white cube, the object and the permanent, the need for audience, 'good' aesthetics, indeed the establishment and institution and every law of art and exhibitionism they have set down. Yet we may notice, at the cutting edge of this bitter fight; an ephemeral, undocumented performance, the conceptual act, or non-act, in the alternative space, or in no space at all, an alternative or no audience; the ultimate Duchampian legacy complete, still seems to return or relate, sooner or later, to a social gathering at or around 6pm on a week night accompanied with a serving of alcohol. Can art's struggle, like the Human Condition, be ultimately restricted by Time and Alcohol?